About Us

By Definition: “whimsical” means having an odd idea that usually occurs to you very suddenly.

Whimsical Wolf was created to make simple, stylish shirts that serve a bigger purpose than fashion. Every shirt sold helps to protect and preserve the wolf species.

The creators and owners of “Whimsical Wolf have been around and inspired by the spiritual nature of the wolf for over 15 years. The wolf’s contribution to the ecosystem is vital in providing balance to nature.Wolves are a keystone species and a vital part in a healthy balanced ecosystem. Wolves are threatened by hunters, government agencies and poachers. Through our brand Whimsical Wolf we hope to educate, conserve, preserve and look good while doing it.

Whimsical Wolf is donating 10% of its net profits to the Wolf Conservation Center (nywolf.org) an amazing organization that educate, conserve, preserve and protect this magnificent creature. When you purchase any product from Whimsical Wolf you are helping to do all of the above. As well as helping to protect the direct ancestor of every household dog that we’ve come to know and love.

Thank you for your support in making a difference, from the Pack of Whimsical Wolf....... 

The earth will be happy

The people will be cheering

The wolves will be howling!!!!



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